AFCP Annual Forum        22 November 2012

“Achieving best outcomes for British agriculture: opportunities for charities”

Chairman of session: Prof. George Marshall, Vice Principal of SRUC

             Lord Curry of Kirkharle, Patron of AFCP

Reassessing the challenges now facing the industry and set out some priorities

Prof. Chris Pollock CBE, Former Director of IGER

Exploring how the industry gets the R&D it need

Prof Jeremy Roberts, School of Biosciences,  University of Nottingham

Explaining  how the BBSRC’s ATP programme is aiming to provide the skills  required to meet the challenges

Jack Ward, CEO at City & Guilds Land Based Services

Setting out what is needed to develop the people and their capabilities to take the industry forward 

Prof Graham Jellis, The Perry Foundation

           The benefits to the industry, researchers, and funders of charities  working together and collaborating with other funders

           Prof. Chris Gaskell CBE, Principal of RAC

Identifying some of the key elements in getting the linkages to work and achieve best  outcomes for the industry.

Panel Discussion Chair: Prof. Chris Gaskell CBE