Increasing the impact of agri-food charities


To create opportunities to increase knowledge and expertise in the agri-food sector through collaboration and innovation via a network of charities and other funders.

icon-network.pngOur Background

There are about 150 charities supporting the agri-food industry. In February 2007 a seminar was held to address the concern expressed by some charities that their activities were becoming less successful in providing effective support for the industry. The seminar strongly supported a formal coordinating role & AFCP was established in 2008.


What are we trying to do?icon-question.png

AFCP’s overall aim is to promote education and research in agriculture and food production by supporting charities, that are working in the discipline, to make better use of their funds. Charities that fund research or education are not always as well informed of the wide range of initiatives that exist to support agriculture & food production as they could be. For example there are Government schemes, research council programmes and training courses to which charities may contribute or collaborate with. AFCP has direct links with all of these organisational groups and through discussions with them identifies appropriate areas where charities may usefully contribute or collaborate. Hence AFCP believes that charities can achieve greater effectiveness by appropriate collaborations, either with other charities or other organisations e.g schools, colleges, research organisations.

Who has helped us?icon-group.png

Encouragement and support has been received from a wide range of different organisations for which we are very grateful. In particular we acknowledge the financial support of NFU Mutual to establish AFCP, of AHDB to support the production of the website, of BBSRC to facilitate the links with research and educational programmes and HSBC who helped to further develop our support for the charities. In addition we acknowledge generous support from the Institution of Agricultural Engineers for providing facilities and resources.

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