2019 AFCP Student Forum

The 2019 AFCP Forum held at the University of Reading in April, showcased the wide variety of topics covered by students in the agrifood area; all these students are in part funded by AFCP member charities.

The opportunity for students to meet their counterparts from across the sector and learn of the research taking place in a huge variety of fields is invaluable.

Many of the posters presented are available here:

Alex Ansell (Cranfield University)                                    Variable rate application:using 3D imagery to understand deposition of plant protection products in wheat canopies

Dr Amey Brassington (University of Nottingham)            Dietary and genetic regulation of B12 metabolism in sheep

Dr Anthony Millington (Harper Adams University)           An investigation into the effect of traffic and tillage on soil properties using X-ray computed tomography

Asna Javaid (University of Herts)                                    Effects of fungicides on severity of phoma leaf spot and phoma stem canker on winter oilseed rape in field experiments

Caroline Best (Harper Adams University)                        Appraising the use of footrot vaccination as a tool to control footrot in UK sheep flocks

Dimitra Angelopoulou (University of Nottingham)             Understanding the role of photoprotection in disease resistance to Septoria tritici blotch in wheat

George Crane (University of Cambridge)                          Fostering beneficial soil microbial communities through cover crop choices and soil management

Harika Gajula (University of Herts)                                   Identification of new virulent races in Leptosphaeria maculans populations on oilseed rape in UK

Helen Brabham (Sainsbury Laboratory and University of East Anglia) Dissecting Multiple Pathogen Recognition at the Mla locus in Barley

James Fortune (University of Herts)                               Interspecific interactions between fungus pathogens causing light leaf spot and phoma stem canker in vitro

James Price (University of St Andrews)                         Molecular characterisation of eggshells from the potato cyst nematode

John McDonagh (University of Nottingham)                   Using image analysis to monitor cow (and calf) fitness

Joseph Crosby (Harper Adams University)                     Investigating the resistance of UK oats to Fusarium langsethiae

Lucy Tillier (University of Nottingham)                             Canopy architecture and RUE in sugar beet

Magda Kaczorowska-Dolowy (Harper Adams University)  The effect of controlled traffic farming systems and low inflation pressure tyres on soil properties and crop development for 3 tillage systems

Nikolaos Koukiasis (University of Reading)                     Targeted droplets reduced herbicide inputs in cabbages by at least 85%

Rafael Pompa (University of Reading)                             Ecosystem services, financial performance and opportunities for amplifiction of agroforestry

Robyn Rhule-Samuel (University of Herts)                      An evaluation of ready meals and convenience foods as sources of nutrionally important water-soluble vitamins

Rosalind Humphreys (University of St Andrews)             Integration of dropping behaviour by pests into integrated pest management

Sarah Shepperd (University of Reading)                          Soil faunal diversity and soil chemistry under diverse forage mixtures