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You may be a researcher, a student, embarking on a PhD or involved in CPD to further your career. You’ve got a project in mind, it involves travel or detailed research   . . . it needs funding.

Provided it’s a project or activity associated with UK farming and food, this AFCP website may be able to help. 

Indicate in the Area of Funding list into which category your project falls, for example, CPD, Postgraduate Degree. In the list Area of Interest indicate the category of agriculture that you’re involved in. Click Search and see the list of those charities that may be able to help.

cutting_ryegrass[1].jpgLook at the Charity Information for those that interest you for information and also, where available, their own website for more details.


Area of funding - more information AREA OF FUNDING

Commercial research project: Conducted by commercial concern
CPD: May or may not result in formal qualification, but essential for career
Diploma or certificate: At any stage in career
Information & educational activities: Activities aimed at creating an understanding and awareness of agriculture & food and the careers in these industries
Marketing project: To identify & evaluate product/service with customers
Professional qualification: Not a diploma/degree but more like BASIS, membership of professional body, chartered status, etc
Promotional & publicity activity: Activities promoting/publicising an aspect of agrifood
Area of Interest - more information AREA OF INTEREST

Agribusiness: Includes business management & rural economy
Arable crops: Includes crops for biofuel & non-food uses
Beef & Sheep: Includes goats, deer, camelids & all aspects of management
Dairying: All aspects of milk production & handling up to the point of processing dairy
Engineering: All aspects of the discipline related/applied to any aspect of agrifood activity
Environmental management: Includes soils, water, conservation & climate change
Equine: All aspects of management, handling & use of horse & donkey
Farm & land management: Includes diversification, landscape & estate management
Food: Includes post-harvest, storage, processing, logistics, marketing & security
Horticulture: Includes field vegetables, top and soft fruit, glasshouse & ornamental production
Organic production: Includes all aspects & all systems of production
Pigs: All aspects of management systems, including wild boar
Poultry: Includes ducks, geese, layers & broilers & all aspects of production
Veterinary science: All aspects of the discipline related to the agrifood industry