Mylnefield Trust

Who we are

The Trust is a recognised charity in Scotland (SC 029872). The management of the Trust is the responsibility of the Trustees who are elected and co-opted under the terms of the trust deed. The Trust was established for the benefit of the community to promote the development and advancement of research and scientific work in respect of life sciences, environment sciences and cognate sciences generally and to promote the dissemination of knowledge acquired from such research.

What we do.

The Trust is committed to the support and development of research and has developed an initial strategy to support novel and innovative work and the dissemination of scientific knowledge by providing funding to facilitate the development of research projects and allow the employment of staff to provide educational support to schools and other bodies.

We are currently supporting several 5-year research projects to assist the development of a new generation of plant breeders for barley, potato and soft fruit. We also support a number of short term research and dissemination projects. Particular support is being given to the "Living Field" project which aims to engage children and the general public with issues of sustainable crop production.

The support is provide by way of grants, loans or payments out of the income or the capital of the Trust Fund to any person or body that the Trustees think fit in furtherance of the above objects or for such other charitable purposes as the Trustees may determine. Normally such projects involve the participation of staff or facilities of SCRI and are focussed on the major arable crops of Scotland. There are occasional calls for project applications which are then considered by the Trustees. Normally applications will be submitted by an SCRI staff member.

How to find out more

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Mylnefield Trust

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