Farmers Club Charitable Trust

Our objectives

This Charitable Trust was founded in 1981 by The Farmers Club to assist the agricultural community to achieve a number of objectives which will contribute to the development of the industry. Specific objectives are:

  • the dissemination of information, loans or scholarships or other financial assistance for research, or courses connected with the study of agriculture and support activities calculated to advance education and training in agriculture.

This Post-Graduate Study Award is specifically designed to help those employed in agricultural education, between the ages of 22 and 50 years, to widen and develop their own technical expertise outside the United Kingdom.

In doing so it is anticipated it will both assist the career prospects of the applicant and also any students for which they will be responsible after their return.

How to find out more

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Farmers Club Charitable Trust
The Farmers Club
3 Whitehall Court

Contact name:
Lisa Turner
Position: Ambassador
Tel:07879 625660

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