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Our objectives

Our main work is the Strategic Rural Housing Scheme (SRHS) which provides housing for farmers who have to leave their farm and cannot find anywhere suitable to live.  The scheme addresses the situation where farmers have to leave the business and, in doing so, lose their home. In many cases there is no suitable housing available locally. For most the days of the final farm sale financing the purchase of a house in the village have long gone. Affordable rented housing can be difficult to find, particularly in rural areas. Successful applicants, once identified, within certain financial constraints have choice - choice of location and choice of property. This is after all to be their new home. They also have time; what they may first think they need is often far different from what they actually decide on. As the pressures of the business subside, the needs of family and the prospects of alternative employment often change the housing requirements. Some families take on their properties on a rental basis; others have some capital and enter into a shared-equity arrangement. The Fund is flexible and will consider the unique requirements of every application that is approved. The Trustees’ Discretionary Fund (TDF) may be able to help viable farming businesses with a cash grant towards unforeseen expenditure. The Fund’s long-standing principles include:

  • Every applicant being offered a third party to provide local pastoral support
  • Respect for individuals’ confidentiality
  • A dedicated, knowledgeable and sympathetic team source the information required
  • Low administration costs

How to find out more

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Addington Fund

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