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Who we are

The University of Essex has a significant impact on the regional economy of the East of England, as well as on the rest of the UK. The University attracts a very large cohort of students every year from all across the UK as well as from the EU and overseas and is one of the largest employers in Essex and in the region. Additionally, it has forged links with many local and national businesses, public bodies and third sector organizations, with a variety of engagement activities being pursued currently.

What we do

The University of Essex has one of the UK’s leading plant productivity research groups, and impressive credentials in the area of plant research. Some potential applications of their research include: monitoring techniques to determine crop physiology, performance and plant health; technologies and know-how to manipulate plant growth and post-harvest performance; and genome-wide methods for discovering and exploiting traits for molecular breeding programmes. Furthermore, their specialist research can be applied to increase plant productivity and yield through improving photosynthesis, enhanced plant growth and yield, greater plant water use efficiency and the ability of plants to sense and respond to abiotic and biotic stresses.

The University is flexible and innovative in proposing ideas and working with you to find solutions to your problems. They aim to foster a professional relationship around R&D projects aimed at solving a specific problem or creating a new commercial opportunity.

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