The NINEVEH Charitable Trust supports a broad range of UK-based projects and activities of benefit to the General Public, with an emphasis on promoting better understanding of the environment and countryside, whilst facilitating improved access, education and research.

The Trust's Objectives were first set out by the Founders Marjorie and Thomas James, who farmed in Kent, in 1968 and then modified by a Deed of Declaration in 1992. They promote:-

  1. The health, welfare and education of the general public
  2. The study and appreciation of agriculture, horticulture, silviculture and land and estate management
  3. The study and appreciation of ecology & land conservation, and 
  4. The study and appreciation of forms of agricultural practice or land management that would encourage the preservation of the countryside.

Charitable Funding proposals should address the objectives of the Nineveh Charitable Trust ("supports a broad range of UK-based projects and activities of benefit to the General Public") but other aims may receive consideration, guided by the Trustees' views on what Professor and Mrs James would have supported. 

An application for charitable funding need be no longer than 2 pages (single sided): 

  • We prefer to pay grants to UK registered charities or Community Interest Companies.
  • But individual applicants may be considered if the outcome benefits are clearly defined

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Three copies of your proposal should be sent with a stamped self-addressed envelope (to reduce our administration burden) to:
Nineveh Charitable Trust
8 Mill Lane,
Saffron Walden
Essex, CB10 2AS