James Hutton Institute

Who we are

The James Hutton Institute is a world-leading scientific organisation encompassing a distinctive range of integrated strengths in land, crop, water, environmental and socio-economic science.  The Institute’s mission is to deliver the highest quality integrated and innovative science that contributes knowledge, products and services to meet the multiple demands on land and natural resources. The Institute takes its name from the 18th century Scottish Enlightenment scientist, James Hutton, who is widely regarded as the founder of modern geology and who was also an experimental farmer and agronomist. 

The James Hutton Institute is a Scottish charitable company limited by guarantee.  It is governed by a Board of Directors and is led by a Chief Executive Officer. It employs over 500 staff across five sites; two main sites housing office and laboratory accommodation in Aberdeen and office, laboratory and glasshouse facilities in Dundee; and three Farms in Aberdeenshire, Dundee and Lanarkshire.  The Institute runs a successful Postgraduate School with around 150 PhD Students.

What we do

Across the globe nations are facing growing demands to provide food, energy and water from finite land and natural resources. These challenges are complex, interconnected and ever-changing. Encompassing a distinctive range of world-class research strengths integrated within an interdisciplinary systems approach, the James Hutton Institute works in partnership with people, organisations and governments to deliver practical, evidence-based solutions for our shared future. 

The Institute organises its research through six principal themes:

  • Safeguarding Natural Capital
  • Enhancing Crop Productivity and Utilisation
  • Delivering Sustainable Production Systems
  • Controlling Weeds, Pests and Diseases
  • Managing Catchments and Coasts
  • Nurturing Vibrant and Low Carbon Communities.

The James Hutton Institute operates a commercial subsidiary, James Hutton Limited, which is the result of a merger of the two former subsidiaries; Macaulay Scientific Consulting (MSC) and Mylnefield Research Services (MRS) Ltd. James Hutton Limited is one of the largest specialist analytical services companies in the UK.  It offers a broad range of services; from contract research, particularly plant breeding to environmental, soil and water consultancy and land evaluation.  More information about our commercial services can be found on the James Hutton Limited website at http://www.huttonltd.com/.

How to find out more

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James Hutton Institute

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