Studley College Trust

Our objectives
Studley College Trust provides financial support in the form of student bursaries for study and training activities in the land-based industries. The Studley Trust has to allocate its available funds within the Objects of its charitable status and therefore works to a number of guidelines and priorities in assessing the appropriate categories of qualifications and student endeavour that will be considered for support. All bursaries are awarded solely at the discretion of the Trustees. If you think that you could be considered for a Studley College Bursary, please check your circumstances against the Eligibility Criteria, summarised below, before making application.
Our primary aims are to.
•    Help students gain their early qualifications in preference to those striving for higher academic achievements (Masters degrees and PhDs are therefore not usually supported by the Trust).
•    Provide needed support for those with satisfactory performance throughout the course to its completion, but not in excess of three college years.
•    Not to fund students on industrial experience periods of more than six weeks.
Bursaries can be accessed through a number of different routes and full details are available on the website by clicking on the link on the left hand side.
Any special conditions
To be eligible for a bursary an applicant must be:
•    British or Irish Nationals who are enrolled as students of a College or University.
•    Committed to a UK land-based career which would normally fit into one of the supported categories listed in the note below.
•    Aged 18 to 30 years (except cases of genuine career change).
•    Have relevant practical experience and/or from a strong rural background.
•    Having their career progress obstructed by lack of funds, having utilised available allowances, loans and other financial support.
• Following a land-based course which will advance their career and benefit the UK industry.
Eligible expenditure could be:
•    A contribution towards course fees:
•    Accommodation costs (college accommodation, off-campus lodgings or rent)
•    Food
•    Transport
•    Books and study materials
•    Protective clothing where this is for necessary parts of the curriculum
•    External test/examination fees
•    Course study trips between £500 and up to a maximum of £2,000
How to contact us
To make a direct application for a bursary or if you have any other enquiry that needs clarification, you can email the Studley College Office, using the link on the left hand side, to either seek clarification or request the forms to apply to the Trust.

Studley College Trust
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Contact name:
Christine Copeman
Position:Trust Secretary
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