Charitable support is needed for two crop related research initiatives – an academic conference hosted by the John Hutton Institute on the use of barley mutations in breeding, and a one year post-doctorate to develop ‘artificial olfaction’ sensors for detecting disease in crop storage.  

  • The Barley Mutant Workshop takes place on 25-26 June 2018, bringing early career researchers together to share their work and ideas on the use of mutant genes in barley breeding. It will continue to reinvigorate gene discovery and basic research in large genome crops and support the development of the International Barley Hub at the James Hutton Institute. Charitable support of £2,000 is being sought to cover the the travel and accommodation costs for the keynote speakers coming to Dundee. If your charity would like to know more about the workshop and provide potential support please contact Robbie Waugh at [email protected]


  • Research to 'smell' diseases in storage: Funding is being sought to conduct a 1-year postdoctoral research to create an array of ‘artificial olfaction’ sensors to detect disease in crop storage. Key steps include creating sensors and related software and networking technologies, followed by practical manufacturing and viability tests for a prototype ready-to-deploy for the next available crop season (November 2018/2019). If your charity is interested in helping to support this type of research project please contact Massimo Rutolo at [email protected] or Theresa Harrison at [email protected]