AFCP Annual Forum 2010

November 25th 2010


Creating new knowledge and expertise for the

agrifood industries – where will the resources come from?








Eric Wilson

AFCP Chairman



Chairman’s Introduction

John Reynolds

AFCP Board Member



What does the industry need?

Professor David Leaver

Chair, RASE Practice with Science Group



The state of funding for research and knowledge transfer.


Professor Ian Crute

Chief Scientist, AHDB



Providing research and higher education – how can charities be most effective?

Professor George Marshall

Vice Principal, Scottish Agricultural Colleges



Providing further education and training – how can charities be most effective?

David Lawrence

Principal, Easton College







Peter Redman

AFCP Board Member


Charity funders - how can we rise to the challenge?

Dr Jane Guise

Chief Executive, Royal Bath & West



Some of the principles that guide our philanthropic funding.

Luis Juste

Director, Santander Universities UK



The Global Challenge - introducing a new co-funded project

Graham Ward OBE


Mike Keeble


Chair Stockbridge Research Centre


Farmer and uplands specialist