2019 AFCP Regional Forum on Soils

Presentations from some of our charity funded students, NIAB, AHDB and Morley on soil research topics:

The NIAB Soils Programme                         Lydia Smith and Nathan Morris

The Morley Soils Programme                      Robert Salmon

The AHDB GREATsoils programme            Amanda Bennett

Charity-funded/part funded student presentations                          

George Crane             Fostering populations of arbuscular mycorrhizal  fungi through cover crop choices and soil managment   
Alexandra Cooke       Diffuse pollution: filter socks and the control of sediment and phosphate

Joseph  Martlew         Subsoil compaction - extent, impact and alleviation

Xavier Albano             Evaluating long-term effects of organic amendments addition on crop yields and nitrate mineralisation rates                                                                                           
Magdalena Kuczorowska      Controlled traffic farming (CTF) delivers higher crop yield as  a result of improved root development