The usual annual presentations by AFCP-AHDB students were made at Zoom Workshops in October 2020, attended by charity and funder representatives. Q&A sessions followed the presentations (and are included following the Presentations) and a further presentation on a related topic. These are all available as Zoom recordings at the following links:

East of England Meeting on Soils (08/10/2020)

AFCP introduction by Graham Jellis

Project report
Fostering populations of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi through cover crop choices & soil management:
George Crane- Final Year Research Student 

Introduction to HP3 Initiative: Healthy Plants, Healthy People, Healthy Planet
The Sainsbury Laboratory and The Halpin Partnership

South West Regional Meeting (12/10/2020)

AFCP introduction by Graham Jellis

Project report
Optimising the health and welfare of dairy and dairy cross-bred calves: Robert Hyde (Second year research student)

Introduction to new project
Evaluating strategies to reduce net carbon emissions from dairy production systems: Luke O'Grady